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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Candy Treats

The boys and I had a great time yesterday with my parents. We made all kinds of goodies from cookies to pretzels to fudge.

My mom had crushed up some oreo's with red cream mixed in some cream cheese and rolled it into balls. WOW Those are yummy.

Then we melted some chocolate candy, dipped pretzels, oreos, peanut butter balls along with peanut butter cracker sandwichs. Then sprinkled on the sprinkles. I took pictures of the boys playing and helping but they are on my mom's camera so it'll be a few before I get them.

My dad made some chocolate fudge with mint flavoring. YUMMY! Anything with mint, I'm in heaven.

We also made peanut butter blossoms. Roll peanut butter balls in sugar, bake them and then once they come out press a hershey kiss in the middle. Absolutely to die for.

So there you have it a run down of what we did over the weekend about the candy making tradition with my side of family.

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