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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Food Buzz Email

This will be awesome!! Here's a little bit about the email I just received: "I’m pleased to announce the debut of the Featured Publisher Tastemaker Program. We partner with select producers to send you the latest and greatest goodies out there." Apparently they did a feedback survey in the fall and well they were able to get some producers to come aboard for this program!

I will be able to opt-in to recieve some cool products!! I can't wait to get my first email. I'm not sure of the complete details but most of what they are looking for are reviews for the producers. Fingers crossed there might be a few giveaways in the process. hehehehe *secretly wishing*

Anyway.... I really think this Food Buzz Feature Publisher business will be wonderful. I'm so glad I joined Food Buzz. If you have not signed up I suggest in doing so like NOW!

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