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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sasquatch Has Been Spotted!!

Yes that is correct. While gathering up our items and food for our camping trip this past weekend we had stopped at a near by gas station and saw one behind the store. Then we stepped inside the gas station. In front of was this HUGE sasquatch picture holding something but we couldn't figure it out. I had my husband go ask the teller what the deal was with the sasquatch picture.

The teller told us that this area is surrounded by them and that the hunters in this area kill them to sell the meat. My husband and I looked at each with confusion. I then took a closer look at the picture and it said SASQUATCH JERKY!!! OMG!! I couldn't believe it. Jerky made from a sasquatch!

Take a look for yourself becuase when we got home I did a search for it a sure enough it's out there for everyone but for a PRETTY penny. Take a look at this Sasquatch Jerky .

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