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Friday, May 15, 2009

Pineapple Jerky From

I was approached by the other day to try out some of their Pineapple Jerky. Let me just say I wasn't expecting what I received in the mail; a pineapple slice DRIED and covered in honey from MAUI.
I had to take another look at the site and I just want to say THANK YOU for contacting me. You are the first that I know of to make jerky out of fruit.

That's genius, I love the idea because frankly I had a few kids over this past Saturday and I let them try it, boy did they tear into it. I took a bite as well and wasn't expecting the next thing I'm about to tell you.

It tastes wonderful, with a sweet taste of honey, and the tart taste of the pineapple makes for one EXTREME piece of jerky.

Now they do have more than just fruit, actually that is their newest addition to the beef jerky they have been selling. Among their selection of jerky, they have what is called Buffalo Bills one pound Dead Meat Beef Jerky, their Bacon Freak Ham Jerky, and their Venison Line of jerky along with other meat snacks.

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I just love your blog and wanted to give you the Most Wonderful Favorite Blog Award!


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